23 November 2016

The CoB is 25 years old !

To celebrate the 25 years of the "Club of Bologna" a special volume on the "Evolution and Prospects of the Mechanization in the World" was published (click below the title of the News).

a first chapter focused on the history of the Club, a second part is devoted to the role of the tractor in the development of agricultural mechanization.
In following chapters, the agricultural mechanization in Europe, USA, Latin America, China, Asia and Africa is analized.

Many thanks to all the Authors who contributed to the realization of this significat volume.

17 November 2016

Management Committee decisions !

During the last meeting of the Management Committee (Nov 12, 2016), some important decisions - concerning the period 2017-2020 - were made.

According to the Internal Rules (art.11), Prof. Paolo Balsari - from University of Torino - was chosen as President of the Club of Bologna. He substitutes Prof. Luigi Bodria (University of Milano) who chaired the Club since 2008. The new President confirmed Prof. Marco Fiala (University of Milano) as Secretary General of the Club.

The Internal Rules of the Club (see section "Presentation" of the menu) was also updated and the composition of the Management Committee was revised (click below the title of the News). Finally, according to Internal Rules (art.10) n.7 new Full Members were allowed and n.12 were excluded.

30 September 2016

Giuseppe Pellizzi Prize 2016 - The winners !

The Giuseppe Pellizzi Prize 2016 referees board selected the following winners:
Amatya Suraj, USA;
Pourreza Alireza, USA;
Ramm Marco, Germany.
The awards ceremony has been held during the Club Members meeting, on Nov 13, 9.30 am (Bologna, EIMA International, Michelino, Sinfonia Hall).

13 September 2016

A new step toward the sustainable and productive future of farming

A new concept autonomous tractor designed by the Innovation Group of CNH Industrial, led by the member of the Club of Bologna Giuseppe Gavioli, was recently presented in USA.
Fully autonomous machines or flexible tractors that combine standard operator-driven activities with selected automated tasks open a new wide horizon of sustainability and productivity improvements for farms all over the world.
All Club members congratulate Giuseppe for this extraordinary success and are proud and honored to collaborate with him.

The Club of Bologna is a free association founded by FederUnacoma under the auspices of CIGR and in close collaboration with FAO, UNIDO and Accademia dei Georgofili, with the goal to convene, almost once a year, the highest international experts on mechanization in order to discuss subjects of a pre-eminent importance for the development of the agricultural machinery sector.