07 December 2017


The "Club of Bologna" wishes Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Paolo Balsari, Marco Fiala and Marco Pezzini

18 November 2017

27th Members' Meeting

The 27th Meeting of the Club of Bologna Members "Agricultural mechanization: present meets future!” was successfully held on 12-13 November 2017 in Hannover (Germany). The participants were 57 in total, coming from 19 different Countries and 4 International Organizations.

Download Key Note Reports and Presentations! (Section "MEETING PROCEEDINGS)

18 November 2017

2018 Management Committee decisions!

The most important decisions taken during the last meeting of the Management Committee (Hanover, Nov 11, 2017) were the follows:

  • Management Committee list: Prof. Emilio Gil  takes the place of Prof. Luis Marquez;
  • Full Members list: 3 members were allowed and 1 member  was excluded, due to retirement (see Section "MEMBER LIST");
  • Pellizzi Prize 2018: the prize Notice was approved (see Section "PELLIZZI PRIZE")
  • CoB visibility and activities improving: (i) the CoB Full Members Cards will be uploaded on the CoB website. These cards will allow to ag-machinery stakeholders and manufacturers to find and easy contact the CoB Members, knowing their research topics and specific expertise; (ii) some articles must be published on specialized journals and magazines; (iii) “Giuseppe Pellizzi Prize” must be widwespread in the world;
  • Study Groups setting up (Internal Rules, art.11): SG1 - Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization in Africa(Coordinator: J. Debardemeaker), with te aim to offer a tangible support for the development of agriculture mechanization in African Countries and smart suggestions to agricultural machinery manufacturers; SG2 - Dissemination (Coordinator: D. Monarca), with the aim to increase the visibility of the CoB activities and, particularly, the contact between agricultural machinery manufacturers and research organizations; SG3 - Ethics of the future agricultural mechanization development” (Coordinator: J. Pickel) in order to evaluate the possible consequences related to the application of the artificial intelligence to the agriculture mechanization as well as of a more and more sophisticated I.T.;
  • 2018 Members' Meeting: will be held in Bologna (Italy), 10-11 November, during "EIMA International". The topics to discuss during next CoB meeting will be: T1 - Remote machinery repair, maintenance and assistance; T2 - Agricultural machinery new technologies: challenge and limits for the farmers/users; T3 - Specialized mechanization: machines for horticulture.

Marco Fiala - Secretary General - Download the new MC composition! (click on news title)

31 August 2017

Models for Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization in sub-Saharan Africa

Report of "Consultative Meeting on a Mechanization Strategy", held in Nairobi (Kenya), 30 November - 3 December, 2016 (

The contents of the report will be presented and discussed at the next meeting of the "Club of Bologna" (Hannover, 12-13 November 2017).

Download the Report! (click on news title)

23 November 2016

The CoB is 25 years old !

To celebrate the 25 years of the "Club of Bologna" a special volume on the "Evolution and Prospects of the Mechanization in the World" was published.
After a first chapter focused on the history of the Club, a second part is devoted to the role of the tractor in the development of agricultural mechanization. In following chapters, the agricultural mechanization in Europe, USA, Latin America, China, Asia and Africa is analized.

Download the Volume! (click on news title)