11 November 2021

EIMA International 20-21: Interview with the Secretary General of the "Club of Bologna"

On the occasion of EIMA International 20-21 - during which the 30th Members' Meeting of the "Club of Bologna" was held - the Secretary General briefly told the story of the Club and anticipated the three Subjects discussed in the 30th meeting

Marco Fiala - Secretary General

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25 October 2021

Ag-Mechanization and the "Club of Bologna"... a long story

From Federunacoma "Three Decades of Ideas and Strategies for Agricultural Mechanisation", an amazing video to celebrate our 30th meetings!

Marco Fiala - Secretary General

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14 November 2021

The 30th CoB Members' meeting (22-23 Oct 2021, Bologna - Italy)

The 30th Members' meeting in Bologna - with 62 participants (54 CoB Members and 8 external experts - both in presence and online - representing 16 Countries, 9 International/Government Organizations and Ag-Machinery Manufacturers Associations/Federations) - was succesfully held in Bologna, during EIMA International 20/21.
The first part of the meeting was dedicated to the celebration of the 30th meetiing, with a summary presentation prepared by the President and the Secretary General, an excellent video made by Federunacoma and with the awards of some CoB members who contributed to its international success.
The presentations in the three Sessions, of highest level, aroused great interest among Participants, offering many ideas for discussion

Abstracts, Key Note Reports and presentations are already online (see "Meetings Proceedings - 2021" section).

Marco Fiala - Secretary General

25 October 2021

Management Committee decisions (21 October 2021, Bologna - Italy)

See the President presentation (click on news title)

Marco Fiala - Secretary General

27 September 2021

Prof. Luis Marquez Delgado

This morning we received the sad news that Prof. Luis Marquez Delgado - Member  of the “Club of Bologna” – passed away.

Luis attended all CoB meetings since the first one in 1989. First as MC Member, and then as FM, he has been always very active in supporting and driving CoB activities as well as in disseminating them on the specialized journals (AgroTécnica and AgriWorld) of which he was the Technical Director. He was passionate and a great expert in agricultural machines and mechanization with a deep knowledge of these subjects especially in South America countries.

We will never forget his happiness, friendliness and willingness to all colleagues.

We will always remember him. May his soul rest in peace.

Paolo Balsari - President
Marco Fiala - Secretary General

Marco Pezzini - Federunacoma

The Club of Bologna is a free association founded by FederUnacoma under the auspices of CIGR and in close collaboration with FAO, UNIDO and Accademia dei Georgofili, with the goal to convene, almost once a year, the highest international experts on mechanization in order to discuss subjects of a pre-eminent importance for the development of the agricultural machinery sector.