05 October 2020

"Giuseppe Pellizzi Prize 2020": the Winners!

Club of Bologna is pleased to annunce that the winners of the "Giuseppe Pellizzi Prize 2020" are (alphabetical order):
  • Dr BIRKMANN Christian, GER, "Power Shift operations in multi-group transmissions for standard tractors";
  • Dr GAN Hao, USA, "An autonomous immature green citrus fruit yield mapping system;
  • Dr MODI Rajesh, IND, "Design, development and evaluation of tractor opeated seeder for mat type paddy nursery";
  • Dr ZHANG Xin, USA, "Study of canopy-machine interaction in mass mechanical harvest of fresh market apples".
The ranking will be officially announced during the “Award Ceremony” (scheduled on Saturday 6, February 2021, during the 30th CoB Members' Meeting, EIMA International 20-21, Bologna).

Each winner will present his PhD thesis during a special streaming event (scheduled on Friday 13 November, 4.00-5.00 pm, Italian time) within EIMA Digital Preview.

To the four winners, the warmest congratulations from all the Members of the Management Committee of the Club of Bologna and from the Academy of the Georgofili of Florence.

Marco Fiala - Secretary General

31 July 2020

"Giuseppe Pellizzi Prize 2020": applicants and PhD abstracts

The deadline (15 July 2020) for the submission of applications has expired and the applicants for the 4th edition of the prize are 12. The abstracts of their PhD theses are online at the section "Pellizzi Prize, Previuos Editions, year 2020". By next 30 September, the winners will be announced.
The winners thesis presentation will be organized during EIMA Digital Preview (11-15 November 2020) via streaming; a discussion with online particpants wil follow.The award ceremony will be instead organized during the CoB 30th Members' Meeting (6-7 February, 2021), in Bologna in occasion of EIMA International 2020.

Marco Fiala - Secretary General

Worlwide disseminantion

CIGR NEWSLETTER (No.121): http://cigr.org/Resources/newsletters.php
AGROTECNICA ONLINE: https://agrotecnica.online/abierto-el-plazo-para-participar-en-la-cuarta-edicion-del-premio-giuseppe-pellizzi/

GEORGOFILI INFO: http://www.georgofili.info/contenuti/premio-giuseppe-pellizzi-quarta-edizione/15067
AGRONOTIZIE IMAGELINE: https://agronotizie.imagelinenetwork.com/aziende/club-of-bologna/82497?ref=macgest-news
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AIGR NEWSLETTER (No.11/2020): (mail to AIGR members)

30 May 2020

30th CoB Members' Meeting: new planning

EIMA International 2020 was postponed on 3-7 February 2021 and consequently also our 30th Members’ Meeting will be scheduled on Saturday 6 and Sunday February 2021, in Bologna (Italy). The Agenda of the meeting will present the subjects pointed-out during the last Management Committee held in Hannover.
On 11-15 November 2020 Federunacoma will organize EIMA Digital Preview an opportunity for farmers, manufacturers and experts to interact digitally by participating in several proposals (straming meetings and discussions; seminars and training courses, etc.).
Club of Bologna will participate to this "digital appointment" with some events; in particular, we decided to move in EIMA Digital Preview: (i) the streaming presentations of the PhD results theses of "Pellizzi Prize 2020" winners and the following discussion with the online participants, and (ii) an introductory streaming event on the 30th meeting, with the presentation of the topics covered during the three Sessions and interviews with the speakers.

Marco Fiala - Secretary General

04 April 2020


The COVID-19 virus has practically spread all over the world and its growth curve is unfortunately still exponentially growing in many Countries. The "Club of Bologna" is a team of world experts in Agricultural Machinery and Mechanization, but first of all it is a group of people among whom a strong friendship has been established since a long time. So we really hope to find all the Members, their families, their friends, everbody in full health. We expect this situation will end soon and this terrible experience -that will have enormous economic, technical and social impacts all over the world- will serve as a warning for the future.

Due to the situation linked to the spread of Covid-19 in Italy, at the end of May-beginning of June we will send you both the Agenda of the 30th Members' Meeting (Nov 15-16, 2020), and the communication of the start of the online registration procedure to attend the meeting.
Stay safe, take care and stay at home.

The President, The Secretary General and FederUnacoma

The Club of Bologna is a free association founded by FederUnacoma under the auspices of CIGR and in close collaboration with FAO, UNIDO and Accademia dei Georgofili, with the goal to convene, almost once a year, the highest international experts on mechanization in order to discuss subjects of a pre-eminent importance for the development of the agricultural machinery sector.