24 November 2018

The 28th Members' Meeting

The 28th Members' meeting - with 71 participants (55 club members and 16 external experts, coming from 23 Countries and 5 Organizations) showed the largest participation in recent ten years.
The presentations in all three Work Sessions were, of the highest level, aroused great interest, offering many ideas for discussion.
The three "Study Groups" - launched last year by the Management Committee on specific issues - also illustrated their activities that will continue in 2019.

Click on the link below to see the interview with Paolo Balsari, President of the Club of Bologna.

Marco Fiala - Secretary General

28th Members' Meeting: interview to the Club of Bologna President

13 November 2018

Management Committee decisions (Bologna, Nov 9, 2018)

Marco Fiala - Secretary General - Download the new MC composition! (click on news title)

10 November 2018

Giuseppe Pellizzi Prize 2018 - The Winners !

The winners of the "Giuseppe Pellizzi Prize 2018" are:

(1) Dr Daeun Choi, USA, "Development of Intelligent Vision Sensing Systems to Support Precision Agriculture Practices in Florida Citrus Production”, (1200 €);
(2) Dr Andrii Yatskul, FRA, , "Modeling and Energy Consumption of the Operative Parts of Air Seeders", (800 €);
(3) Dr Marco Grella, ITA, "Air Blast Spray Sprayers Dritf Performance Evaluation. An application of direct (ISO 22866: 2005a) and new alternative indirect test methods for spray drift assessment", (500 €);
(3) Dr Antonio Miranda Fuentes, ESP, "Strategies for the Optimization of the Efficiency in the Plant Protection Product Applications in Olive Canopies", (500 €).

The warmest congratulations from all the Members of the Management Committee of the Club of Bologna and from the Academy of the Georgofili of Florence.

Click on the link below to see the interview with Paolo Balsari, President of the Club of Bologna

Marco Fiala - Secretary General

Pellizzi Prize: interview to the Club of Bologna President

The Club of Bologna is a free association founded by FederUnacoma under the auspices of CIGR and in close collaboration with FAO, UNIDO and Accademia dei Georgofili, with the goal to convene, almost once a year, the highest international experts on mechanization in order to discuss subjects of a pre-eminent importance for the development of the agricultural machinery sector.