15 November 2019

The 29th CoB Members' meeting (10-11 Nov 2019, Hannover - Germany)

The 29th Members' meeting in Hannover - with 63 participants (51 CoB members and 12 external experts, reprenting 21 Countries, 3 International/Government Organizations and 3 Ag-Machinery Manufacturers Associations/Federations) - was succesfully held in Hannover, during Agritechnica and showed an interested participation.
The presentations in all three work Sessions, of the highest level, aroused great interest, offering many ideas for discussion among participants.
The three Coordinators of the "Study Groups" also illustrated the activities done during 2019 and discuss about the future perspectives.

Abstracts, most of Key Note Reports and presentations are already online (see "Meetings Proceedings - 2019" section).

Marco Fiala - Secretary General

12 November 2019

Management Committee decisions (Nov 9 2019, Hannover)

Marco Fiala - Secretary General - Download the new MC composition! (click on news title)

16 October 2019

"Role of Agricultural Engineering in meeting the challenge of global food security"

2nd Conference of the Pan African Society for Agricultural Engineering (PASAE - AfroAgEng)
Conference Center of the Foundation Mohamed VI - 10-13 September 2109 - Rabat (Morocco).

"Session 3 Side Event: Club of Bologna - Agriculture mechanization for sustainability in Africa",

The proceedings of the event are now online at "Meetings Proceedings" section - Marco Fiala - Secretary General

05 July 2019

Dr. Oleg Marchenko

On last April 9th Dr. Oleg Marchenko – Member of the Management Committee of the “Club of Bologna” – died in Moskow after a long illness.
Oleg accompanied the history of our free organisation since its foundation; he always participated in Club’s meetings with such enthusiasm bringing his valuable experience in the field of international agricultural mechanization. But above all he always joined us with a smile, giving us a lot of humanity on every occasion. So, even before a Colleague, he has been a friend to meet with great pleasure.

We will remember him. May his soul rest in peace - Marco Fiala - Secretary General

The Club of Bologna is a free association founded by FederUnacoma under the auspices of CIGR and in close collaboration with FAO, UNIDO and Accademia dei Georgofili, with the goal to convene, almost once a year, the highest international experts on mechanization in order to discuss subjects of a pre-eminent importance for the development of the agricultural machinery sector.