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Year 2018 - Bologna, November 10
Award Ceremony h. 12.15-13.30) EIMA International

1 Development of intelligent vision sensing systems to support precision agriculture practices in Florida citrus production
Daeun Choi (USA)
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Application and enhancement of Life Cycle Assessment and water footprint approaches to agricultural machinery operations
Daniela Lovarelli (ITA)
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2 Modelling and energy consumption of the operative parts of air seeders
Andrii Yatskul (FRA)
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3 Strategies for the optimization of the efficiency in the plant protection product applications in olive canopies
Antonio Miranda Fuentes (ESP)
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3 Air blast sprayers spray dritf performance evaluation. An application of direct (ISO 22866:2005a) and new alternative indirect test methods for spray drift assessment
Marco Grella
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Machine vision system for robotic apple harvesting in fruiting wall orchards
Abhisesh Silwal (USA)
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Optimizing the wood supply chain in Calabria: from harvest site to the mill of wood process
Giorgio Macrì (ITA)
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Contributions on advanced automation for selective protection treatments on specialty crops
Emanuele Tona (ITA)