03 August 2022

31st Members' Meeting Agenda

The 31st Members' Meeting of the "Club of Bologna" will be held on 12th and 13th November 2022 in  Bologna (Italy), at Sala Sinfonia (Pavillon 36), during EIMA International 2022.

The three subjects to be discussed this year in Bologna are:

  • Session 1The role of agriculture mechanization in crop production traceability (Coordinator and Chairman: Roberto Oberti);
  • Session 2Climate change and mechanization: what is needed in industrialized and emerging countries (Coordinators and Chairmen: Giuseppe Gavioli, Josse DeBaerdemaeker);
  • Session 3Specific Mechanization: machines for orchard (Coordinator and Chairman: Danilo Monarca).

Each Session will have Key-Note Reports, around which the usual discussion among the participants will be opened. In addition, a Special Lecture on "Russia-Ukraine conflict: impacts on international agricultural markets", will be prepared by Marco Pezzini of Federunacoma.

Download the Agenda of the meeting (click on news title)

Marco Fiala - Secretary General

27 October 2021

The 30th CoB Members' meeting (22-23 Oct 2021, Bologna - Italy)

The 30th Members' meeting in Bologna - with 62 participants (54 CoB Members and 8 external experts - both in presence and online - representing 16 Countries, 9 International/Government Organizations and Ag-Machinery Manufacturers Associations/Federations) - was succesfully held in Bologna, during EIMA International 20/21.
The first part of the meeting was dedicated to the celebration of the 30th meetiing, with a summary presentation prepared by the President and the Secretary General, an excellent video made by Federunacoma and with the awards of some CoB members who contributed to its international success.
The presentations in the three Sessions, of highest level, aroused great interest among Participants, offering many ideas for discussion

Abstracts, Key Note Reports and presentations are already online (see "Meetings Proceedings - 2021" section).

Marco Fiala - Secretary General

25 October 2021

Management Committee decisions (21 October 2021, Bologna - Italy)

  • Management Committee list: no variation;
  • Full Members list: n.2 FMs, who passed away (Arne Moller, Luis Marqeez), were deleted, n.6 FMs were definitively excluded due to their retirement or low attendance to CoB activities (see "CoB 2020-2021 Annual Report", Section "DOCUMENTS").n.2 new FMs were admitted (Abraham Gamiliel, Yahaya Rabè) and n.2 2026 Pellizzi Prize Winners (Marco Ramm; Alireaz Puorreza) were confirmed as FMs;
  • Internal Rules: under Federunacoma proposal, articles 9 and 11 were modified;
  • 31st Members' meeting: will be held in Bologna (Italy), 11-12 November 2022, during "EIMA International". The Subject to discuss will be: S1 - The role of agriculture mechanization in crop production traceability;   S2 - Climate changement and mechanization: what is needed considering both industrialized and emerging countries; S3 - Specific mechanization: machines for orchard. A Guided Tour to orchard machines exhibitors will be organized on Nov 12 at the end of the meeting;
  • Pellizzi Prize: the next 5th edition has been approved for the year 2024;
  • Study Groups: the activity of all 4 SG’s is confirmed.

See the President presentation (click on news title)

Marco Fiala - Secretary General