04 April 2020


The COVID-19 virus has practically spread all over the world and its growth curve is unfortunately still exponentially growing in many Countries. The "Club of Bologna" is a team of world experts in Agricultural Machinery and Mechanization, but first of all it is a group of people among whom a strong friendship has been established since a long time. So we really hope to find all the Members, their families, their friends, everbody in full health. We expect this situation will end soon and this terrible experience -that will have enormous economic, technical and social impacts all over the world- will serve as a warning for the future.

Due to the situation linked to the spread of Covid-19 in Italy, at the end of May-beginning of June we will send you both the Agenda of the 30th Members' Meeting (Nov 15-16, 2020), and the communication of the start of the online registration procedure to attend the meeting.
Stay safe, take care and stay at home.

The President, The Secretary General and FederUnacoma

30 January 2020

"Giuseppe Pellizzi Prize 2020"

The application for the "Giuseppe Pellizzi Prize 2020" is open!
Deadline for application is 30th June 2020.

Download Notice and Forms! (Section "PELLIZZI PRIZE")

Marco Fiala - Secretary General

15 November 2019

The 29th CoB Members' meeting (10-11 Nov 2019, Hannover - Germany)

The 29th Members' meeting in Hannover - with 63 participants (51 CoB members and 12 external experts, reprenting 21 Countries, 3 International/Government Organizations and 3 Ag-Machinery Manufacturers Associations/Federations) - was succesfully held in Hannover, during Agritechnica and showed an interested participation.
The presentations in all three work Sessions, of the highest level, aroused great interest, offering many ideas for discussion among participants.
The three Coordinators of the "Study Groups" also illustrated the activities done during 2019 and discuss about the future perspectives.

Abstracts, most of Key Note Reports and presentations are already online (see "Meetings Proceedings - 2019" section).

Marco Fiala - Secretary General

05 February 2020

Dr. Arne Møller

This morning we received the sad news that Dr. Arne Møller – Full Member of the “Club of Bologna” – died.
Arne always participated in Club’s meetings with enthusiasm offering us his valuable experience in the agricultural mechanization field. He always joined us with a smile becoming, even before a Colleague, a friend.

We will remember him. May his soul rest in peace.

Marco Fiala - Secretary General

12 November 2019

Management Committee decisions (9 November 2019, Hannover - Germany)

  • Management Committee list: O. Marchenko (Russian Federation) Oleg, who died in April 2019, was deleted from the Management Committee (MC) list;
  • Full Members list: n.7 new FMs were admitted, while n. 4 FMs were definitively excluded, due to their  retirement or low attendance to CoB meetings (see Section "MEMBER LIST"). A letter of reminder to attend the next meeting will be sent to the n.9 FMs that register a null presence at the last 5 Members' Meeting; in case of absence these FM will be excluded from the CoB;
  • 30th Members' meeting: will be held in Bologna (Italy), 14-15 November, during "EIMA International". This milestone-meeting will be celebrated with a special Round Table event (S1 - CoB vision for a sustainable mechanization for the future) and a projection of a video prepared by FEDERUNACOMA on the CoB history and the parallel evolution of agricultural mechanization from 1989 to 2020. The other subjects to be discussed are: S2 - Agricultural machinery market and perspectives and S3 - Specialized mechanization: machines for viticulture. A Guided Tour to viticulture machines exhibitors will be organized on Nov 15 afternoon;
  • Pellizzi Prize 2020: the Notice of the 4th edition of the prize has been approved. A special "News" on this item will follow in next weeks;
  • Study Groups: a new Study Group (SG4 - Evaluation of the incentives for the improvement of agricultural mechanization in the world) has been approved.

Marco Fiala - Secretary General