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Emilio Gil

Membership start year 2010
Type MC
Role Member (data updating: 03/08/2022)
Institution / Organization / Company U&R | Univ. Polit├Ęcnica de Catalunya
Still in charge Yes
Address Esteve Terradas, 8 - 08860 Castelldefels (Barcelona)
Country SPAIN
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International call phone +34650566757
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Research activities key-words

  • Agricultural machinery and mechanization - orchard sprayers
  • Agricultural machinery and mechanization - Pesticide application equipment
  • Precision farming, AI and IOT - (all topics)


Publication 1
AUTHOR: Xun, L., Garcia-Ruiz, F., Fabregas, F. X., Gil, E
TITLE: Pesticide dose based on canopy characteristics in apple trees: Reducing environmental risk by reducing the amount of pesticide while maintaining pest and disease control efficacy.
YEAR: 2022
REFERENCES: Science of the Total Environment, 826, 154204.
Publication 2
AUTHOR: Campos, J., García-Ruíz, F., Gil, E
TITLE: Assessment of vineyard canopy characteristics from vigour maps obtained Using UAV and satellite imagery
YEAR: 2021
REFERENCES: Sensors, 21(7), 2363.
Publication 3
AUTHOR: Gil, E.; Salcedo, R.; Soler, A.; Ortega, P.; Llop, J.; Campos, J.; Oliva, J
TITLE: Relative efficiencies of experimental and conventional foliar sprayers and assessment of optimal LWA spray volumes in trellised wine grapes
YEAR: 2021
REFERENCES: Pest management science. DOI:10.1002/ps.6276.
Publication 4
AUTHOR: Salcedo, R.; Zhu, H.; Jeon, H.; Ozkan, E.; Wei, Z.; Gil, E.; Campos, J.; Román, C
TITLE: Droplet Size Distributions from Hollow-Cone Nozzles Coupled with PWM Valves
YEAR: 2022
REFERENCES: Journal of the ASABE
Publication 5
AUTHOR: Gil E., Campos, J., Ortega, P., Llop J., Gras A., Armengol E., Salcedo R., Gallart M.
TITLE: DOSAVIÑA: Tool to calculate the optimal volume rate and pesticide amount in vineyard spray applications based on a modified leaf wall area method
YEAR: 2019
REFERENCES: Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, Volume 160, May 2019