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Giuseppe Gavioli

Membership start year 2004
Type FM
Role Member (data updating: 2021)
Institution / Organization / Company C&E | Gavioli Consulting, LLC
Still in charge Yes
Address 147 Fairway Drive - Auburn, ME 04210
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International call phone +12072458524

Research activities key-words

  • Agricultural machinery and mechanization - (all topics)
  • Precision farming, AI and IOT - (all topics)
  • Sustainability, environmental control, bioengineering and reuse - (all topics)


Publication 1
AUTHOR: Giuseppe Gavioli
TITLE: Cost Benefits of the Platform Principles for Tractors and Other Agricultural Machinery
YEAR: 2004
REFERENCES: Proceedings of the Club of Bologna Meeting, Bologna 2004

Publication 2
AUTHOR: Giuseppe Gavioli, Riccardo Morselli, John Posselius
TITLE: Biofuel use on tractors
YEAR: 2011
REFERENCES: Proceedings of the Club of Bologna Meeting, Hannover 2011

Publication 3
AUTHOR: Giuseppe Gavioli
TITLE: Farm of the future
YEAR: 2015
REFERENCES: Proceedings of the Open Meeting of Club of Bologna on “Farm Mechanization To Feed The Planet”, Milan Expo 2015

Publication 4
AUTHOR: Giuseppe Gavioli
TITLE: Importance of Sustainability Assessment and Circular Economy in Agricultural Machinery Production
YEAR: 2019
REFERENCES: Proceedings of the Club of Bologna Meeting, Hannover 2019

Publication 5
AUTHOR: F. Nava, C. Canali, F. Catellani, G. Gavioli, G. Ottaviani
TITLE: Electron drift velocity in high-purity Ge between 8 and 240 K
YEAR: 1976
REFERENCES: Journal of Physics C: Solid State Physics, Vol. 19 (1685-1689), 1976

Publication 6
AUTHOR: C. Canali, G. Gavioli, A. Losi, G. Ottaviani
TITLE: Hot hole diffusivity in Ge at 77K
YEAR: 1976
REFERENCES: Solid State Communications, Vol. 20 (57-60), 1976

Publication 7
AUTHOR: C. Canali, G. Gavioli, F. Nava, G. Ottaviani, L. Reggiani
TITLE: Field dependence of hot hole diffusivity in Ge
YEAR: 1976
REFERENCES: Proceedings of 13th International Conference on the Physics of Semiconductors, Rome 1976

Publication 8
AUTHOR: Giuseppe Gavioli
TITLE: An integrated system for the automatic management of vehicle and component test cells
YEAR: 1988
REFERENCES: Proceedings of the II International Congress on Innovative Testing Methodologies and Systems for the Automotive Industry - Firenze, 1988

Publication 9
AUTHOR: Giuseppe Gavioli
TITLE: The digital farm
YEAR: 2018
REFERENCES: Proceedings of Summer School in Floriculture, Sanremo 2018