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Roberto Oberti

Membership start year 2012
Type FM
Role Member (data updating: 2021)
Institution / Organization / Company U&R | Univ. Milan, Dept. Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. Production, Landscape, Agroenergy (DiSAA)
Still in charge Yes
Address via G. Celoria 2 - 20133, Milan
Country ITALY
Institution / Organization website
International call phone +390250316867

Research activities key-words

  • Agricultural machinery and mechanization - Pesticide application equipment
  • Precision farming, AI and IOT - (all topics)
  • Precision farming, AI and IOT - sensors and biosensors


Publication 1
AUTHOR: Oberti R, Schmilovitch Z
TITLE: Robotic spraying for precision crop protection
YEAR: 2021
REFERENCES: In: Bechar A and Oliver MA (Eds), Innovation in Agricultural Robotics for Precision Agriculture. Springer Ed., Cham (CH)

Publication 2
AUTHOR: Oberti R, Schultze-Lammers P
TITLE: Crop Establishment and Protection
YEAR: 2020
REFERENCES: In: Holden NM, Wolfe ML, Ogejo JA, Cummins EJ (Eds), Introduction to Biosystems Engineering. The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineering Ed., St. Joseph (USA)

Publication 3
AUTHOR: Calcante A, Brambilla M, Bisaglia C, Oberti R
TITLE: Estimating the total lubricant oil consumption rate in agricultural tractors
YEAR: 2019
REFERENCES: Transactions of the ASABE, 62: 197-204

Publication 4
AUTHOR: Tona E, Calcante A, Oberti R
TITLE: The profitability of precision spraying on specialty crops: a technical–economic analysis of protection equipment at increasing technological levels
YEAR: 2018
REFERENCES: Precision Agriculture 19: 606-629

Publication 5
AUTHOR: Pantazi XE, Moshou D, Oberti R, West J, Mouazen AM
TITLE: Detection of biotic and abiotic stresses in crops by using hierarchical self organizing classifiers
YEAR: 2017
REFERENCES: Precision Agriculture 18: 383-393

Publication 6
AUTHOR: Oberti R, Marchi M, Tirelli P, Calcante A, Iriti M, Tona E, Ho?evar M, Baur J, Pfaff J, Schütz C, Ulbrich H
TITLE: Selective spraying of grapevines for disease control using a modular agricultural robot
YEAR: 2016
REFERENCES: Biosystems Engineering 146:. 203-215

Publication 7
AUTHOR: Oberti R, Marchi M, Tirelli P, Calcante A, Iriti M, Borghese A
TITLE: Automatic detection of powdery mildew on grapevine leaves by image analysis: Optimal view-angle range to increase the sensitivity
YEAR: 2014
REFERENCES: Computers And Electronics In Agriculture, 104: 1-8

Publication 8
AUTHOR: Moshou D, Bravo C, Oberti R., West J.S, Ramon H, Vougioukas S
TITLE: Intelligent multi-sensor system for the detection and treatment of fungal diseases in arable crops
YEAR: 2011
REFERENCES: Biosystems Engineering, 108: 311-321

Publication 9
AUTHOR: Pessina D, Facchinetti D, Naldi E, Oberti R
TITLE: Spray deposit uniformity of a "dual" field sprayer assessed with a new optical device
YEAR: 2010
REFERENCES: Applied Engineering In Agriculture, 27: 193-201

Publication 10
AUTHOR: West JS, Bravo C, Oberti R, Lemaire D, Moshou D, Mccartney HA
TITLE: The Potential of Optical Canopy Measurement for Targeted Control of Field Crop Diseases
YEAR: 2003
REFERENCES: Annual Review Of Phytopathology, 41: 593-614