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Axel Munack

Membership start year 1991
Type MC
Role Member (data updating: 2021)
Institution / Organization / Company U&R | Thünen Inst. Agricultural Technology
Still in charge No
Address Masch 16 - 38531, Rötgesbüttel
International call phone +491754177407

Research activities key-words

  • Energy - biofuels
  • Precision farming, AI and IOT - automation and control
  • Sustainability, environmental control, bioengineering and reuse - emissions in agriculture


Publication 1
AUTHOR: Bünger, J., Munack, A., Krahl, J.
TITLE: Neue Motor-, Abgas- und Kraftstofftechnologien – Auswirkungen auf die Dieselmotoremissionen und die Gesundheit
YEAR: 2022
REFERENCES: Kraftstoffe für die Mobilität von morgen, Fuels Joint Research Group, Vol 33, pp 27-35, Cuvillier-Verlag, Göttingen
Publication 2
AUTHOR; Krahl, J., Munack, A., Tschöke, H.
TITLE: Alternative Dieselkraftstoffe
YEAR: 2018
REFERENCES: H. Tschöke, K. Mollenhauer, R. Maier (eds.): Handbuch Dieselmotoren, 4th ed., pp.145-170. Springer Vieweg, Wiesbaden
Publication 3
ùAUTHOR: Schröder, O., Pabst, C., Munack, A., Krahl, J.
TITLE: Lowering the Boiling Curve of Biodiesel by Metathesis
YEAR: 2016
REFERENCES: MTZ Worldwide, 77, pp 64-69
Publication 4
AUTHOR: Munack, A., Schmidt, L., Schröder, O., Schaper, K., Pabst, C., Krahl, J
TITLE: Alcohols as a means to inhibit the formation of precipitates in blends of biodiesel and fossil diesel fuel
YEAR: 2015
REFERENCES: Agric Eng Int: CIGR Journal, Special Issue 2015, 226-233
Publication 5
AUTHOR: Urban, B., von Haaren, C., Kanning, H., Krahl, J., Munack, A.
TITLE: Spatially differentiated examination of biodiversity in LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) on national scale exemplified by biofuels
YEAR: 2012
REFERENCES: Landbauforschung – vTI Agriculture and Forestry Research, Vol 62, pp 65-76
Publication 6
AUTHOR: Munack, A., Speckmann, H., Krahl, J., Marto, A., Bantzhaff, R.
TITLE: A Sensor for Discrimination of Fossil Diesel Fuel, Biodiesel, and Their Blends
YEAR: 2010
REFERENCES: Knothe, G., Krahl, J., Van Gerpen, J. (eds.): The Biodiesel Handbook, 2nd Edition, pp 131-136. Champaign, Ill: AOCS Press
Publication 7
AUTHOR: Bünger, J., Krahl, J., Munack, A., Ruschel, Y., Schröder, O., Emmert, B., Westphal, G.,
Müller, M., Hallier, E., Brüning, T.
TITLE: Strong mutagenic effects of diesel engine emissions using vegetable oil as fuel
YEAR: 2007
REFERENCES: Arch Toxicol 81(8), pp 599-603

Publication 8
AUTHOR: Munack, A. (ed.)
TITLEv CIGR Handbook of Agricultural Engineering, Volume 6: Information Technology.
YEAR: 2006
REFERENCES: American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, St. Joseph, MI

Publication 9
AUTHOR: De Baerdemaeker, J., Munack, A., Ramon, H., Speckmann, H.
TITLE: Mechatronic systems, communi­cation, and control in precision agriculture
YEAR: 2001
REFERENCES: IEEE Control Systems Magazine, 21(5), pp 48-70

Publication 10
AUTHOR: Munack, A., Buning, E., Speckmann, H.
TITLE: A High-Performance Control System for Spreading Liquid Manure
YEAR: 2001
REFERENCES: Control Engineering Practice 9, pp 387-391