Member Card

Paolo Balsari

Membership start year 1998
Type MC
Role President (data updating: 2021)
Institution / Organization / Company U&R | Univ. Torino, Dept. Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences (DiSAFA)
Still in charge Yes
Address Largo Paolo Braccini 2 - 10127, Grugliasco
Country ITALY
Institution / Organization website
International call phone +390116708587

Research activities key-words

  • Agricultural machinery and mechanization - manure spreaders
  • Agricultural machinery and mechanization - Pesticide application equipment
  • Energy - biogas and biomethane production


Publication 1
AUTHOR: Grella, M., Miranda-Fuentes, A., Marucco, P., Balsari, P.,
TITLE: Field assessment of a newly-designed pneumatic spout to contain spray drift in vineyards: evaluation of canopy distribution and off-target losses.
YEAR: 2020
REFERENCES: Pest Management Science 76, 4173–4191

Publication 2
AUTHOR: Grella, M., Marucco, P., Balafoutis, A.T., Balsari, P.,
TITLE: Spray drift generated in vineyard during under-row weed control and suckering: evaluation of direct and indirect drift-reducing techniques
YEAR: 2020
REFERENCES: Sustainability 12, 5068

Publication 3
AUTHOR: 3) Grella, M., Marucco, P., Balsari, P
TITLE: Toward a new method to classify the airblast sprayers according to their potential drift reduction: comparison of direct and new indirect measurement methods
YEAR: 2019
REFERENCES: Pest Management Science, 75 (8), pp. 2219-2235.

Publication 4
AUTHOR: 4) Manzone, M., Gioelli, F., Balsari, P.
TITLE: Effects of different storage techniques on round-baled orchard-pruning residues
YEAR: 2019
REFERENCES: Energies, 12 (6), art. no. 1044

Publication 4
AUTHOR: 5) Balsari, P., Grella, M., Marucco, P., Matta, F., Miranda-Fuentes, A.
TITLE: Assessing the influence of air speed and liquid flow rate on the droplet size and homogeneity in pneumatic spraying
YEAR: 2019
REFERENCES: Pest Management Science, 75 (2), pp. 366-379

Publication 6
AUTHOR: 6) Dinuccio, E., Biagini, D., Rosato, R., Balsari, P., Lazzaroni, C.
TITLE: Organic matter and nitrogen balance in rabbit fattening and gaseous emissions during manure storage and simulated land application
YEAR: 2019
REFERENCES: Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 269, pp. 30-38.

Publication 7
AUTHOR: 7) Miranda-Fuentes, A., Marucco, P., González-Sánchez, E.J., Gil, E., Grella, M., Balsari, P.
TITLE: Developing strategies to reduce spray drift in pneumatic spraying in vineyards: Assessment of the parameters affecting droplet size in pneumatic spraying
YEAR: 2018
REFERENCES: Science of the Total Environment, 616-617, pp. 805-815

Publication 8
AUTHOR: 8) Hou, Y., Velthof, G.L., Case, S.D.C., Oelofse, M., Grignani, C., Balsari, P., Zavattaro, L., Gioelli, F., Bernal, M.P., Fangueiro, D., Trindade, H., Jensen, L.S., Oenema, O.
TITLE: Stakeholder perceptions of manure treatment technologies in Denmark, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain
YEAR: 2018
REFERENCES: Journal of Cleaner Production, 172, pp. 1620-1630

Publication 9
AUTHOR: 9) Popovic, O., Gioelli, F., Dinuccio, E., Rollè, L., Balsari, P.
TITLE: Centrifugation of digestate: The effect of chitosan on separation efficiency
YEAR: 2017
REFERENCES: Sustainability (Switzerland), 9 (12)

Publication 10
AUTHOR: 10) Balsari, P., Gil, E., Marucco, P., van de Zande, J.C., Nuyttens, D., Herbst, A., Gallart, M.
TITLE: Field-crop-sprayer potential drift measured using test bench: Effects of boom height and nozzle type
YEAR: 2017
REFERENCES: Biosystems Engineering, 154, pp. 3-13.