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Volodymyr Kravchuk

Membership start year 2013
Type FM
Role Member (data updating: 2021)
Institution / Organization / Company U&R | Leonid Pogorilyy Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute of Forecasting and Testing of Machinery and Technologies for Agricultural Production (L. Pogorilyy UkrNDIPVT)
Still in charge Yes
Address str. Amosov 2 - 03141, Kyiv
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International call phone +380952879687
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Research activities key-words

  • Agricultural machinery and mechanization - (all topics)
  • Energy - (all topics)
  • Livestock mechanization -


Publication 1
AUTHOR: Kravchuk V., Semenchuk R., Strutynskyi S.
TITLE: Mathematical Modelling of a Specialized Vehicle Caterpillar Mover Dynamic Processes Under Condition of the Distributing the Parameters of the Caterpillar
YEAR: 2018
REFERENCES: International Journal Of Engineering & Technology. Vol 7 No 4.22 (44-46)

Publication 2
AUTHOR: Kravchuk V., Hayday T.
TITLE: Researches of the distributor of the combined till-plant outfit for sowing of the small-seed crops
YEAR: 2019
REFERENCES: X International Scientific Symposium « Farm machinery and processes management in sustainable agriculture» Lublin, POLAND

Publication 3
AUTHOR: Kravchuk V., Baranov H., Salai K., Gaidai T., Komisarenko O.
TITLE: Guaranteed-adaptive control of agricultural machines working processes and its efficiency
YEAR: 2020
REFERENCES: Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience, Volume 17

Publication 4
AUTHOR: Kravchuk V., Shustik L., Pogoriliy V., Hrynenko O.
TITLE: Influence of structural characteristics of harrow teeth on the dynamics of their abrasive wear and resource forecast
YEAR: 2020
REFERENCES: Eurasian journal of biosciences, Volume 14, Issue 2

Publication 5
AUTHOR: Kravchuk V., Beloev H., Dimitrov P., Kangalov P., Stoyanov K., Mirinov S.
TITLE: Study of the operational efficiency indicators of soil - protecting machine - tractor aggregates used for vertical mulching by importing organic matter in the soil
YEAR: 2020
REFERENCES: Bulgarian national society of agricultural engineers Engineering and Research for Agriculture