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Valda Rondelli

Membership start year 2010
Type FM
Role Member (data updating: 2021)
Institution / Organization / Company U&R | Univ. Bologna, Dept. Agricultural and Food Sciences (DiSTAL)
Still in charge Yes
Address Via G. Fanin 50 - 40127, Bologna
Country ITALY
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International call phone +390512096040
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Research activities key-words

  • Agricultural machinery and mechanization - (all topics)


Publication 1
AUTHOR: Franceschetti, B; Lenain, R.; Rondelli, V.
TITLE: Comparison between a rollover tractor dynamic model and actual lateral tests
YEAR: 2014

Publication 2
AUTHOR: Franceschetti, B.; Rondelli, V.
TITLE: Models to predict the force to operate front foldable rollover protective structures for narrow-track tractors
YEAR: 2019

Publication 3
AUTHOR: Guzzomi, A.L.; Rondelli, V.; Capacci, E.
TITLE: Operator protection in rollover events of articulated narrow track tractors
YEAR: 2019

Publication 4
AUTHOR: Franceschetti, B.; Rondelli, V.; Ciuffoli, A.
TITLE: Comparing the influence of Roll-Over Protective Structure type on tractor lateral stabil
YEAR: 2019

Publication 5
AUTHOR: Rondelli, V.; Casazza, C.; Martelli, R.
TITLE: Tractor rollover fatalities, analyzing accident scenario
YEAR: 2018

Publication 6
AUTHOR: Capacci, E.; Franceschetti, B.; Ciuffoli, A.; Rondelli, V.
TITLE: The stability of self-propelled sprayers according to the ISO 16231 standardized procedure
YEAR: 2017

Publication 7
AUTHOR: Casazza, C.; Martelli, R.; Rondelli, V.
TITLE: Evaluation of a commercial tractor safety monitoring system using a reverse engineering procedure
YEAR: 2017

Publication 8
AUTHOR: Rondelli, V.; Guzzomi, A.L.
TITLE: Selecting ROPS safety margins for wheeled agricultural tractors based on tractor mass
YEAR: 2010

Publication 9
AUTHOR: Rondelli, V.; Guzzomi, A.L.; Guarnieri, A.; Molari, G.; Molari, P.G.
TITLE: Available energy during the rollover of narrow-track wheeled agricultural tractors
YEAR: 2009

Publication 10
AUTHOR: Guarnieri, G.; Maini, S.; Molari, G.; Rondelli, V.
TITLE: Automatic trap for moth detection in integrated pest management
YEAR: 2011