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Carmen Jaren

Membership start year 2015
Type FM
Role Member (data updating: 2021)
Institution / Organization / Company U&R | Public Univ. Navarre, Dept. Engineering/Agrarian Mechatronics
Still in charge Yes
Address Campus Arrosadia - 31006, Pamplona
Country SPAIN
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International call phone +34948169170
Scientific database

Research activities key-words

  • Agricultural machinery and mechanization - (all topics)
  • Postharvest and food processing - (all topics)
  • Safety and health - (all topics)


Publication 1
AUTHOR: Jarén C., García-Pardo E.
TITLE: Using non-destructive impact testing for sorting fruits
YEAR: 2002
REFERENCES: Elsevier, Journal of Food Engineerinig, 53/1(89-95)

Publication 2
AUTHOR: Arazuri S., Arana I., Jarén C.
TITLE: Evaluation of Mechanical Tomato Harvesting Using Wireless Sensors
YEAR: 2010
REFERENCES: MDPI Publishing, Sensors, 10 (11126-11143)

Publication 3
AUTHOR: Mangado J., Arana I., Jarén C, Arazuri S., Arnal P.
TITLE: Design Calculations on Roll-over Protective Structures for Agricultural Tractors
YEAR: 2007
REFERENCES: Elsevier, Biosystems Engineering, 96/2 (181-191)

Publication 4
AUTHOR: Jarén C., Alfaro J.R., Arazuri S., Ponce de León J.L., Arana J.I.
TITLE: Assessing Roll-over safety provided by ROPS tests following sae J1194 standard versus OECD Code 4
YEAR: 2009
REFERENCES: ASABE, Transactions of the ASABE, 52/5 (1453-1459)

Publication 5
AUTHOR: López A., Arazuri S., Mangado J., Jarén C.
TITLE: A review on the application of near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy for the analysis of potatoes
YEAR: 2013
REFERENCES: AMER CHEMICAL SOC, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 61 (5413-5424)

Publication 6
AUTHOR: López-Maestresalas A; Aernouts B., Van-Beers R., Arazuri S., Jarén C., De Baerdemaeker J., Saeys W.
TITLE: Bulk Optical Properties of Potato Flesh in the 500-1900 nm Range
YEAR: 2016
REFERENCES: Springer, Food and Bioprocess Technology, 9/3 (463-470)

Publication 7
AUTHOR: López-Maestresalas A., Keresztes J.C., Goodarzi M., Arazuri S., Jarén C., Saeys W.
TITLE: Non-destructive detection of blackspot in potatoes by Vis-NIR and SWIR hyperspectral imaging
YEAR: 2016
REFERENCES: Elsevier, Food Control, 70 (229-241)

Publication 8
AUTHOR: Arnal P., López-Maestresalas A., Arazuri S., Mangado J., Jarén C.
TITLE: A Multi-year Analysis of Traffic Accidents Involving Agricultural Tractors
YEAR: 2017
REFERENCES: AIDIC, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 58 (109-114)

Publication 9
AUTHOR: Lopez-Maestresalas A., De Miguel L., Lopez-Molina C., Arazuri S., Bustince H., Jaren C.
TITLE: Hyperspectral imaging using notions from type-2 fuzzy sets
YEAR: 2019
REFERENCES: Springer, Soft Computing, 23 (1779-1793)

Publication 10
AUTHOR: Pérez-Roncal C., López-Maestresalas A., Lopez-Molina C., Jarén, C., Urrestarazu J., Santesteban L., Arazuri S.
TITLE: Hyperspectral imaging to assess the presence of powdery mildew (Erysiphe necator) in cv. Carignan Noir grapevine bunches
YEAR: 2020
REFERENCES: MDPI, Agronomy- Basel, 10 (88-103)