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Margarita Ruiz-Altisent

Membership start year 2003
Type FM
Role Member (data updating: 2021)
Institution / Organization / Company U&R | Univ. Politécnica Madrid
Still in charge Yes
Address Peña Pintada 20 - Madrid
Country SPAIN
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International call phone +34610894238
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Research activities key-words

  • Agricultural machinery and mechanization - agricultural mechanization
  • Postharvest and food processing - image processing
  • Postharvest and food processing - quality control


Publication 1
AUTHOR: Margarita Ruiz-Altisent (Co-author)
TITLE: Monitoring oxidation changes in commercial extra virgin olive oils with fluorescence spectroscopy-based prototype
YEAR: 2018
REFERENCES: European Food Research and Technology volume 244, pages565–575

Publication 2
AUTHOR: Margarita Ruiz-Altisent (Co-author)
TITLE: Hyperspectral Imaging to Evaluate the Effect of IrrigationWater Salinity in Lettuce
YEAR: 2016

Publication 3
AUTHOR: Margarita Ruiz-Altisent (Co-author)
TITLE: Classification of the firmness of peaches by sensor fusion
YEAR: 2015
REFERENCES: International journal of Agricultural and Biological Engineering Vol 8, No 6

Publication 4
AUTHOR: Margarita Ruiz-Altisent (Co-author)
TITLE: Multispectral vision for Monitoring fruit Ripeness.
YEAR: 2011
REFERENCES: Journal of Food Science, 76 (2). 178 -187.

Publication 5
AUTHOR: Margarita Ruiz-Altisent (Co-author)
TITLE: Advanced Characterisation of a Coffee Fermenting Tank by Multi-distributed Wireless Sensors: Spatial Interpolation and Phase Space Graphs
YEAR: 2014
REFERENCES: Food and Bioprocess Technology volume 7, pages3166–3174(2014)

Publication 6
AUTHOR: Margarita Ruiz-Altisent (Co-author)
TITLE: Monitoring of fresh-cut spinach leaves through a multispectral vision system
YEAR: 2012
REFERENCES: Postharvest Biology and Technology 63(2012)74-84. DOI: 10.1016/j.postharvbio.2011.08.004

Publication 7
AUTHOR: Margarita Ruiz-Altisent (et al.)
TITLE: Sensors for product characterization and quality of specialty crops-A review .
YEAR: 2010
REFERENCES: Elsevier Computers and Electronics in Agriculture Volume 74, Issue 2, November 2010, Pages 176-194

Publication 8
AUTHOR: Margarita Ruiz-Altisent (Co-author)
TITLE: Las Máquinas Agrícolas y su aplicación (Agricultural Machines and their applications).Sixth Edition 545 pages CO-AUTHOR MundiPrensa Madrid
YEAR: 2012

Publication 9
AUTHOR: Margarita Ruiz-Altisent (Co-author)
TITLE: Detection of internal quality in seedless watermelon by acoustic impulse response”
YEAR: 2004
REFERENCES: BIOSYSTEMS ENGINEERING. Elsevier Ltd. . Vol 88(2), pp. 221-230.DOI: 10.1016/j.biosystemseng.2004.03.007

Publication 10
AUTHOR: Margarita Ruiz-Altisent (Co-author)
TITLE: Development and implementation of an on-line impact sensor for firmness sensing of fruits. CO-AUTHOR
YEAR: 2003
REFERENCES: JOURNAL FOOD ENGINEERING 58: 53-57. DOI: 10.1016/S0260-8774(02)00333-3