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Josse DeBaerdemaeker

Membership start year 1999
Type FM
Role Member (data updating: 2021)
Institution / Organization / Company U&R | KU Leuven
Still in charge Yes
Address Kasteelpark Arenberg 30 box 2456 - Leuven-Heverlee
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International call phone +32477203321
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Research activities key-words

  • Agricultural machinery and mechanization - (all topics)
  • Postharvest and food processing - (all topics)
  • Precision farming, AI and IOT - (all topics)


Publication 1
AUTHOR: Wouters, N., De Ketelaere, B., Deckers, T., De Baerdemaeker, J., Saeys, W.
TITLE: Multispectral detection of floral buds for automated thinning of pear.
YEAR: 2015
REFERENCES: Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, 113, 93-103. Open Access

Publication 2
AUTHOR: Liang Z, Xu L, De Baerdemaeker J, Li Y, Saeys W
TITLE: Optimisation of a multi-duct cleaning device for rice combine harvesters utilising CFD and experiments
YEAR: 2020

Publication 3
AUTHOR: Manual Gebregziabher S, De Swert K, Saeys W, Ramon H, De Ketelaere B, Mouazen AM, Gebrehiwot K, Deckers S, De Baerdemaeker J
TITLE: A mobile, in-situ soil bin test facility to investigate the performance of maresha plough
YEAR: 2016
REFERENCES: Biosystems Engineering 149:38-50

Publication 4
AUTHOR: Rutten K, De Baerdemaeker J, Stoev J, Witters M, De Ketelaere B
TITLE: Constrained Online Optimization Using Evolutionary Operation: A Case Study About Energy-Optimal Robot Control
YEAR: 2015

Publication 5
AUTHOR: Van Roy J, De Baerdemaeker J, Saeys W, De Ketelaere B
TITLE: Optical identification of bumblebee species: Effect of morphology on wingbeat frequency
YEAR: 2014
REFERENCES: Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 109:94-100

Publication 6
AUTHOR: Nguyen N, Erkinbaev C, Tsuta M, De Baerdemaeker J, Nicolai B, Saeys W
TITLE: Spatially resolved diffuse reflectance in the visible and near-infrared wavelength range for non-destructive quality assessment of Braeburn apples
YEAR: 2014
REFERENCES: Postharvest Biology and Technology 91:39-48